by Penny Vincenzi

September 2005
ISBN: 1-58567-708-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Overlook Press

Celia Lytton has just called a family meeting. There are two important items she wishes to tell the family. Everyone is wondering what they could be. Some believe she is finally going to retire from Lyttonís, she is getting up there in age. Others are concerned she is going to give control to someone who does not know the publishing business and will run them into the ground. Oliver, Celiaís husband has been dead for a year, maybe she feels it is time to move on with her life.

Barty Miller was a child when Celia rescued her from the slums. She now heads the New York branch of Lyttonís. When she meets Charlie Patterson, he is smooth talking, tells her what she wants to hear, she has misgivings about him, but she also likes being with him. Will she make a mistake where Charlie is concerned and jeopardize everything she has worked for? Is Charlie for real or is he using Barty to get to her money?

As the story moves along, old family secrets are brought to the surface which will have a long-lasting effect on everyone. Kit, Sebastian, Izzy, Jenna and the rest of the Lytton clan will never be the same again.

I was impressed with Celiaís strength, she was a savvy businesswoman, she tried her hardest to help those she adored, and some she didnít adore. She was unshakable in her beliefs. Barty was also a strong, savvy businesswoman, but she seemed to take people at face value. She wanted everyone to be happy as much as Celia did, but she was afraid to say no, she was concerned people were thinking she was stuck up or snooty, she wasnít either one of those, she just wore her heart on her sleeve.

Into Temptation is the third book in the trilogy. The other books are No Angel and Something Dangerous. I have to admit, I did not read the first one, but I did read the second one. If you havenít read these books, please do so before reading Into Temptation. You will have a hard time following the story if you don't. I was totally hooked on Into Temptation, and could not put it down until the very last page. There are some twists and turns, some the reader never saw coming. There is mystery, romance, and everything else a great book has in order to be a great book.

Donít miss this series by Penny Vincenzi, she is an awesome writer. She knows how to reel her readers into each story she writes without being wordy. I recommend the entire trilogy.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Pat.

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