by Stephanie Lessing

July 2005
ISBN: 0-06-075696-9
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Trade Paperback

Chloe Rose has had a childhood dream of some day working at Issues magazine. Her dream has come true. She is the assistant to the assistant of the promotion department. Chloe also has a habit of telling lies, not just little white lies, but big, out of this world lies. She put on her job application, she went to law school and medical school. She has one other small quirk, she is obsessed with shoes. She believes having the right shoe with the right outfit is the key to success.

Chloe discovered not only a shoe closet at the magazine, but she also has learned there is a closet full of clothes, mainly for the models. She does not care, she has to have access to the them, mainly the shoe one. When she meets Stan, she thinks that is his name, they start meeting at the shoe closet for lunch, she tells him shoes are like people. They have feelings and personalities.

Chloe was told by Ruth to come up with ideas for the magazine. Chloe starts brain-storming, and some of her ideas are way out there. When Ruth asks her for her ideas, Chloe has no idea Ruth is giving them to the boss as her own ideas. There is also rumors Chloe is sleeping her way to the top. Chloe just can't believe people are thinking this about her.

Chloe has one other dream she has shared with no one, she wants to be shoe editor, there is only one problem, there is no such title at the magazine. Will Chloe ever get over her obession with shoes? Will Ruth ever start liking her? Will Ruth ever fess up and let people know she has been claiming Chloe's ideas as her own? For the answers, read this wonderful book.

I really enjoyed this book. Chloe was a great character. She had me laughing out loud. You never knew what was going to come out of her mouth. I adored her descriptions of the shoes. You can't go wrong with She's Got Issues. There is a sequel in the works.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Pat.

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