by Kylie Adams

July 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21581-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

First Kiss is the second book in The Bridesmaid Chronicles. If you donít know about the books, then Iíll explain them for just a moment. These books are about the three bridesmaids and the bride, Julia, in Julia and Romanís wedding. The first book was First Date; now we have First Kiss. This story is about Kiki, the sister of the groom.

Kiki is sort of self-centered. By sort of, I mean she does have friends and will come to their rescue when needed, but she also likes to offer her views on about everything and anything. Give her a topic and away she goes. Kiki does have a kind heart, but she also wants things her way, not always but a lot of the time. She also has two friends that seem to have their own problems as well, but that doesnít stop them from coming to Kiki in her time of need. And boy does she have a time of it.

It seems that in the process of retrieving a charm that had fallen off her bracelet, Kiki is caught in a compromising position with Tom Brock, between his legs to be exact. Tom and his wife are both famous, and photographers quickly snap pictures of Tom and Kiki together. Well, one thing leads to another, and it seems that Kiki is now a home wreaker and in running from the press. This leads her right into the Affair hotel and into a run in with Fab Tomba, the owner.

Fab is a little taken back with Kiki. She is her usual assertive self and is now staying in the only room open. Of course Fab does get the real story from Kiki, not the one from the press, and realizes she is innocent of what the papers are saying. Fab is having fun with Kiki, enjoying their verbal sparing. She is keeping him on his toes.

Kiki and Fab are attracted to each other, but will it be more than just the sheets that get twisted and tangled? The first kiss between them could have run the lights in her room for a few hours. It was that fabulous. Of course it seems all their encounters are heated in one-way or the other whether it involves sex or not. But the question is can they have more? Can they get over the commitment issues they both seem to have?

Kiki is hilarious with her emails to Breckin trying to plan her brotherís wedding. Doesnít she know that the bride and groom do that? Well, that doesnít stop her. It seems very little stops her, and she definitely butts in where she isnít always wanted and she...well, youíll just have to read to find out.

First Kiss was an enjoyable read and can stand alone. The romance between Kiki and Fab isnít the only one in the story. There are a few more going on, and one that Kiki seems to have brought forward as well. The secondary characters are a riot, from her friends, Suzi-Suzi and Diane, to her new friends and almost anyone else that Kiki encounters.

Some of the situations between Kiki and whoever she is talking to or with at the moment are downright funny. Many of the things that happen to her are hilarious as well. Kiki is witty but tries to live up to her idea of what a woman should be and doesnít let anyone stop her. Remember she was the runner up in the Miss America pageant in 1995. Not to worry if you donít get that; you will when you read the story.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pam.

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