by Rachel Bo

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-052-X
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Italy. 13th century.

This moment in time in this place, marks the site of a battle between good and evil, gods and demons that will last for centuries. The favored champions for either side have no idea their choices will be the deciding factor the battle to come. One woman, Ysa, a beautiful Gypsy witch holds the key that will unleash the darkest of demons to prey on mankind but she also holds the key to mankind’s salvation.

Two men, opposites — Pan, full of dark desires and greed, the other Vitale, Ysa’s betrothed, full of love, light and gentle desires and love — both hunger for the warmth, unfettered passion, and vitality Ysa exudes. Wanting to make everything about the wedding night perfect Vitale has resisted Ysa’s urgings to consummate their relationship. He would not dishonor her before she is officially his in the eyes of their families. However Ysa burns with the seeds of fledgling desire for Vitale, she wants to know the pleasure of his touch, his love. And it is this curiosity that leads her to Pan, Vitale’s cousin and rival, the one man other than Vitale who can raise Ysa’s desires and fulfill them. But Pan speaks to her desire for pain with her pleasure not the gentle touch of Vitale.

Rachel Bo stuns and pleases with this prequel to her fascinating Guardians series. Birth of Rivalry may be short but the beauty of this love story makes time fly by. Great characterization and an amazing plot make the tears shed worthwhile.

Sit back and relax, listen to a tale of love, betrayal, passion, and above all choices.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Cynthia.

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