by Lisa Noeli

June 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7818-8
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Mass Market Paperback

A small warning before you start this book. The synopsis given on the bookís back cover is very misleading. Youíll see how after you read the book.

Enter the world of the Covent Garden theater, under the new management of Terence Shy and his partner, Lord Daniel York. Mr. Shy is determined to make his new play a success, despite an over-imaginative playwright, a cast that is clamoring for its pay, and a lack of general funds. Lord York canít imagine how the play will be a success, but he has faith in his childhood friend Terence.

Miss Josephine Shy, Terenceís sister, is also excited for opening night. Ever since coming to London, her eyes have been opened to the ways of the world. No longer is she quite the innocent little miss living in Richmond, now she is a full-fledged woman of the world, or, as full-fledged as a stage assistant can be. She nonetheless enjoys the new challenges that come with helping her brother run the theater. Itís not proper, but it is so much more exciting than cross-stitch.

As Josephine and Daniel reacquaint themselves, another new test looms on the horizon. It is the challenge and the promise of love. Can somewhat priggish Daniel fall in love with Jo, a girl he recalls fondly from his youth, but who isnít quite the sedate miss he remembers either? Can Jo put her heart into Danielís hands without it getting trampled upon by the dictates of society?

What He Doesnít Know is a sweet Regency novel set in the thrilling world of the theater. Lisa Noeli does an excellent job of creating the electrifying and tense world of the theater, with all its foibles and characters. Despite the fact that the theater is not quite the proper place for a Regency miss to be around, Jo proves to be a delight as she does what she can to help her brother and the various crew members. Daniel has to reconcile this new Jo to the old vision he had of her, but he finds that this Jo, while still innocent, is also more intriguing and spirited. What He Doesnít Know is a fun story to read because of its unconventional setting. But no worries readers, you will be pleased to spend the afternoon with these characters.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Sarah.

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