by Debbie Raleigh

June 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7825-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Molly and Hart are in a bit of a quandary. It seems that Hartís grandmother has left thirty thousand pounds for Molly and Hart. But they will receive it if they marry each other. If one shows up to the chapel on Christmas Day and the other one doesnít, then the one that shows up will receive the full amount. If neither of them shows then it goes to charity.

Molly is determined that she will receive the money. She isnít about to let Hart bully her into giving it up. Molly has her reasons for the farce that will leave her butting heads with Hart. She doesnít give up easily and Hart will soon find that out. She is loyal to her family and she just wants to go back to her home and leave London behind. She really likes the quiet of the country but she must stay in London to try to discourage Hart.

Hart canít believe his grandmother has done this to him. It is his money, not Mollyís. He believes Molly is just out for the money and nothing else. He doesnít feel that she deserves the money and tries about everything he can think on to discourage her and get her to leave London.

It seems that Hartís grandmother saw something in both Hart and Molly that neither of them realized. Can her last wish bring them together or will Hart still think that Molly is just after the money and Molly thinking that Hart has not heart?

I really liked The Wedding Clause; the antics in the story were great. The hero and heroine tried to out do each other taking the next step up to try to persuade the other one. When in reality they were falling in love with each other but they didnít want to. There was danger surrounding them as well and some interference from a friend or two to finally bring these two together. There is another couple in the story that Iím wondering if Ms. Raleigh will give them their own story. I hope they do.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Pam.

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