by Rachel Gibson

April 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81439-
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Can a gorgeous lingerie model find refuge from the nude photos of her that are plastered all over the Internet? Will hiding out on a private yacht give her a chance to recover from this hideous personal intrusion? Probably yes, but not if that the same boat is commandeered by a rather beaten-up hunk who says he’s one of the “good guys”, but then proceeds to hijack the yacht, the model, and also her darling little doggie, Baby Doll!

Yes, Lola Carlyle has had better days. Actually, so has Max Zamora. His cover has been blown, he’s on the run from some guys who have already tried to rearrange most of his body parts, and now he’s stuck with six feet of blonde woman who usually stares poutily at him from magazine ads wearing little more than a thong and a couple of artfully placed shadows. On top of that, she’s just blown the top off the boat and her rat, excuse me – dog - has decided to make Max his role model in life!!! How’s that for fun?

And make no mistake, fun it is. From the first few chapters, this book is sparkling with witty dialogue, wonderful characters, and a sensual tension that ebbs and flows like the tide, only to break like a tsunami at the worst possible moment, but in the best possible way! Rachel Gibson maintains her reputation as a fine comedy writer with this wonderful romance – her ability to blend passion with humor is incomparable, and her laugh-out-loud books should be ranked alongside Jennifer Crusie and Janet Evanovich.

Max and Lola are perfect together – their combination of lust and loathing is only enhanced by Max’s reaction to Baby Doll! Here’s an example of what happens when Lola catches Max feeding Baby Doll.

“I thought you hated my dog,” she said.

“...I do,” he answered without looking at her. “Just trying to fatten him up in case I need to eat him later.”

I can’t help myself - I totally fell in love with Max and Lola, even though I know nobody can be that gorgeous, or that witty, in real life!! This is a splendid romance that hits all the right notes – don’t miss out on it!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Celia.

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