by Cherry Adair

September 2000
ISBN: 0-449-00683-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

I read the blurb and I knew I just had to read the book. I started reading Kiss And Tell expecting lots and finished it thrilled, amazed and breathless.

Marnie Wright comes to the mountains to take stock of her life, to decide where she wants to go and who she wants to be. She might be a petite blonde but walking around with a can of Mace and a roll of quarters knotted in an old stocking, she knows how to protect and defend herself.

Jake Dolan is a military man on a forced vacation, hiding in the mountains from people who want him dead. Trying to find out who is after him and waiting to take them out, he is clearly not pleased to see Marnie and her dog wander into a potential deadly situation when she rests on his property. Giving it his best to get rid of her, he finds himself stuck with Marnie's great dane, Duchess, and Marnie herself after his charming (not!) offer of help when her granny's cottage falls apart and a tree gets her nearly squashed.

Taking her to his underground lair, an instant sexual attraction, which Jake is fighting and Marnie is embracing, leaves them both wanting. Marnie might not like his type - he is too much like her dad and her four older brothers: big and bossy, but decides that the adventure she wished for has just started.

Never before had she wanted to pursue a guy, but Jake she wants and goes after him with a first kiss so hot and sizzling it nearly had the papers it was written on combust in flames.

She wants to experience life to the fullest and with Jake entering it, her wish is granted.

Jake might try to follow his own rules, Dolan's law of survival: Never believe a cute blonde. Never trust anyone. However, resisting Marnie is impossible.

To watch Marnie find strength in her attraction and love for Jake and to see him lose the struggle against trusting and falling for her, feels wonderful. It is not an easy process, but Marnie's courage and determination, as well as the constant danger and the proximity they find themselves in prove to be enough to overcome any fears and obstacles.

Their courtship is never based on flowers and trinkets with tender displays of love, but based on raw, exciting and exhilarating emotions on a ride towards a happy ending that is more than satisfying.

Marnie and Jake earn their titles of hero and heroine repeatedly in displays of courage, compassion, passion and love, as Cherry Adair drives them on relentlessly through several dangerous and life threatening situations.

This is not a cute book. The writing style is snappy and effortless and with very well drawn characters who are perfect for each other. With a pace that is fast and always on, Kiss And Tell left me panting, gasping and wanting more, if not for the suspense and laughter then surely for the awesome sexual tension.

An action packed romance novel so vivid it played out like a movie - I could not get the pictures out of my head and the characters stayed with me even longer.

Where did this writing talent come from? With only one previously published short contemporary title, Cherry Adair shows an assurance one does not expect from a newcomer but from a more prolific writer. It is a brave move for any author to believe in her characters enough to carry a story without changing scenery or secondary characters.

Kiss And Tell is beyond the rating scale - a book that is like going on all the fun fair rides imaginable simultaneously. What a thrill! If I were allowed to rate this book with more than five roses, I would do it with relish and certitude.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Kris Alice.

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