by Brit Blaise

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-384-3
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Virginia Newman is a well-known model in New York City. Due to a broken leg, her career must be put on hold. Or maybe not. She goes to a job interview, but not for just any old modeling job. Gina is hired to model her vagina and buttocks for a company that makes vibrators. The income will keep her in Pradas – at least, when her leg heals - and she won’t have to go crawling back to her family and listen to ‘I-told-you-so.’

The naked body doesn’t bother Gina. In her line of work, she’s seen plenty of bodies. But this is the first time her naked body is the one on display. She can’t help but feel a bit intimidated and uncomfortable. There are certainly no books on etiquette about being a vagina model! Not to mention about the preparation involved. But then...second thoughts crash the party.

Thompson Erotic Enterprises wants to market the vagina replica as getting a piece of the famous Virginia Newman. Now Gina wants to stop her likeness from being released to the public. When she and her lawyer/brother arrive for a conference with the company owner, the last person she expects to see is the one man she can’t forget. Sam Collier. His stepbrother is the creep who deceived Gina concerning the marketing of the replica. Her humiliation was now complete.

In one night Gina had lost her heart to Sam and it had nearly destroyed her to find out he was just another player. Upon meeting him again at a fundraiser, Gina could not understand the anger she saw in his eyes. She wasn’t aware that he thought Gina was the player. The two continue to bump into each other and each time their misunderstanding remains a secret. Buried anger and stifled desire make for a flammable combination. It’s just a matter of time before it all explodes. Will Gina and Sam be ready for the truth once the smoke clears?

The Virginia Model-Logues by Brit Blaise is an erotic short story filled with humor and plenty of passion. There is no real chemistry between Sam and Gina, however the author’s original twist made this a fun read.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Rho.

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