by Beth Williamson

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-124-2
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In this sequel to The Bounty we again meet up with Jack Malloy and Rebecca Connor. Jack has been plagued with horrible nightmares, and his sister Nicky is worried about him. She invites Jack to come stay with her and Tyler, stating they need help with some of the ranch work. Nicky is very pregnant, and Tyler has his hands full trying to get the ranch up and running. Hoping a change of scenery will help heal his soul, Jack sets out for the ranch.

When he arrives, he’s shocked to find Rebecca Connor is also there for a visit. She’s been sewing baby clothes and things for the nursery. She doesn’t understand Jack’s behavior around her, and wonders why he acts as if he hates her. What she doesn’t know is that when she met Jack six months earlier, when she revealed her past as a white slave in order to clear his sister’s name, she opened up some forgotten memories of his own. She plays a key role in his nightmares and seeing her again is hard for him to bear.

Nicky asks Rebecca to talk to her brother and to see if she can find out what secrets he’s hiding from them. She hesitantly agrees, and when later she and Jack are stranded together during a blizzard, they find themselves becoming closer. He finds a certain peace when he’s near her and is able to sleep for the first time in months. She finds her body reacting to his, something she’d never thought would happen after her captivity.

While dealing with harsh weather, dangerous animals and even more dangerous men, these two have to rely on each other in order to survive. As they both find themselves drawn to the other, we see their fears increase; fear that hidden secrets would cause the other to turn away in disgust.

This western is a beautiful story of two injured people who don’t believe they are worthy of love and of being loved. Once again we meet up with the Malloys, and we get to see how Tyler and Nicky’s relationship from the previous book has evolved.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Jackie.

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