by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

August 2001
ISBN: 0-446-61025-9
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Mass Market Paperback

The Black Stag. Laird without a heart. Wife-killer. All phrases designed to send a young woman into a state of paralyzed terror, especially when applied to the man she is being forced to wed!! Linnet MacDonnell wasnít the family beauty, nor had she expected to wed at all, certainly not to Duncan MacKenzie, who lived in a dark and cold keep, and had a reputation to match. But Linnet MacDonnell is no ordinary young woman, either, but one possessed of a great deal of common sense, and a special gift of precognition. And it is this psychic skill that the MacKenzie covets.

I find it hard to believe that Devil in a Kilt is a first book, because it contains every element necessary for a perfect romance along with an elegant and extraordinarily well crafted plot. The secondary characters are word-perfect, and the settings scream Scotland as loudly as the bagpipes, but are never intrusive. Yet it is indeed the first novel from the very talented pen of Sue-Ellen Welfonder, and it betrays her deep and abiding passion for the Highlands and the sturdy souls who walked its heather-covered hills hundreds of years ago.

Duncan MacKenzie certainly qualifies as a sturdy soul Ė heís handsome, courageous, known for his skill as a warrior, and totally devoid of any of the softer emotions. Linnet MacDonnell, on the other hand, is absolutely full of the softer emotions, sheís just never had a chance to explore them, growing up in a relatively neglected state within a huge family. She is, however, equally as fierce a warrior as her new husband and her soul is probably even sturdier than his.

As you can imagine, the sparks fly when these two wed! Linnet finds herself drawn to this lonely Laird, yet canít get past his icy demeanor. Duncan fights against this strange attraction his flame-haired wife exerts over him Ė yet seems to spend a lot of time in a rather uncomfortable state of desire! How these two reconcile their feelings, and how Linnet saves not only Duncanís hide but also his heart, is the crux of this romance, and itís a spellbinding peek into a world long past! If you enjoy this lovely tale, and Iím sure you will, donít forget to try Knight in my Bed from the same author Ė featuring Donall MacLean, another in what I hope will be a series of delectably yummy heroes from Ms. Welfonder!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Celia.

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