by T.A. Moore

June 2005
ISBN: 0975453378
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Trade Paperback

She came to him in a dream. The ethereal beauty appeared to Christos on a nightly basis but this time was different: This time she left him with a promise. The next time Christos touched her it would be actual skin that his fingers caressed. The wait seemed endless.

Valerie Sherwood Brookes would rather read about timeless love in romance novels than be trapped in a loveless marriage. Her mother on the other hand was beginning to get concerned about her daughter’s chances. Valerie knew her mother could not face the fact that no man would want a cripple for a wife while she had resigned herself to it. She was content with her novels and her dreams. Then one day her father comes home with startling news. An important client at the bank wants Valerie’s father to approve a loan for an archeological dig in Pompeii. In order for her father to do that he must first investigate the proposed venture. For Valerie it was a dream come true. She had every intention of doing some investigating of her own.

Amidst rumors of the ancient dead rising and mild earthquakes Valerie sneaks off to do some exploring alone. As she drew images of what she’d found the earth began to shake. Before she could protect herself Valerie was hit from flying debris. When she awakened it was to find herself in a Pompeii much different from the one she’d been studying. Pompeii was very much alive and well.

Christos noticed Valerie being arrested. The senate had just passed a law banning witchcraft and the people feared this new person was a witch. He had to wonder - Could this woman, the very same woman from his dreams, be a witch? Had she enchanted his dreams? In order to keep her close and find his answers Christos takes her to be a slave in his home.

Valerie had seen the recognition in Christos’ eyes when he’d come to see her. Would he be her knight in shining armor and help her to return to her own time? She knew Pompeii’s fate. Leaving would mean abandoning Christos to face a violent death. Valerie had to find a way to save Christos and return to her life in 1865 England.

Through the Mists of Time by author T.A. Moore is an insightful and sensual indulgence for readers of historical romance. It is a story of a transcendent love and the development of character. The reader is pulled into the story through the detailed sketching of the heroine’s evolvement from an immature schoolgirl to a compassionate woman. If you are a fan of time travel romance then make it a point to read T.A. Moore’s Through the Mists of Time. You won’t regret it.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Rho.

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