by Barbara Bretton

July 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20388-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Once upon a time two young peopleís eyes met across a crowded room and the attraction was instant and mutual. Within no time at all Mimi Brennan and Mark Doyle were married, and on their way to making a name for themselves in the world of folk music.

The Doyleís were totally wrapped up in one another, and had no plans on having one baby, much less eventually 2 children. Catherine grew up in a family that was starting to drift apart. When her sister Joely came along the rift was so bad that Mark claimed he was going out for a new guitar string, and never came back.

Markís desertion of the family was felt by all the members. Catherine had to grow up fast so that she could tend to her younger sister. Joely couldnít remember a father she barely knew, and resented. Mimi was the only family member to hold out hope that someday Mark would reappear and all would return to the life she remembered.

Now, itís many years later, and Mimi has suffered a stroke, which also resulted in the accidental burning of the family home. Joely is firmly ensconced in a life out of the country, and in a relationship of her own that is floundering. Catherine has made a career out of knitting, and employs many working mothers in the hometown of the Doyleís, Idle Point. Catherine is also newly pregnant, and trying to figure out how that changes her relationship with the babyís father.

Mimiís stroke has a profound impact on the sisters. They must not only decide what sort of housing situation is best for Mimiís future, but they must also examine their history and see how it is affecting their current relationships. One thing they are not prepared for is the publicity surrounding their mother as word of her stroke begins to spread. What all that publicity brings will also have an impact on not only Mimiís future, but the futures of the sisters as well.

The characters are well written, and have the same issues that I imagine many of us have. As I read the interaction between Joely and Catherine I could imagine my own sister and I having similar discussions and feelings that are dependent on the outcome of those discussions. Someone Like You is a story that will call to its readers on many different emotional levels.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Sandi.

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