by Julie Garwood

September 2005
ISBN: 0-345-45384-0
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Kate MacKenna is on the fast track to success. Her candle and perfume company is becoming renowned and there is no where else for Kate to go but up. That is until she is almost killed when a bomb blows before a party hosted by Carl Bertolli. The only thing that saved her was the darn bra that wouldnít stop hurting her. Then she finds out that her mother, who had the power to write checks and make management decisions for Kateís company, signed over Kateís business for collateral on a loan. Not a good time for Kate, especially when she learns that her best friend, Jordan Buchanan, has to have surgery because of a lump she found.

Then she happens to make another mistake while visiting Jordan during her surgery and recovery. In a moment of weakness, Kate does the one thing that she knows she shouldnít. She sleeps with Dylan, Jordanís brother, and the one man that not only annoys the hell out of her, but makes her burn in all the right places. With her scintillating night with Dylan in the past, Kate can now return to Silver Spring to try to save her company and start her life over again. Until another bomb goes off and almost kills Kate in the process.

Now times is of the essence. Kate is in danger and Jordan calls on Dylan to get to Silver Spring and find out who is trying to kill Kate. This also gives Dylan the chance to make Kate admit to herself and him that they are good together, and that they belong together. But another issue has arisen that makes Dylan extremely nervous and Kate fearful and thoroughly angered. Kate has been left some money from one of her fatherís relatives that totals $80 million dollars. To Dylan, all the players are now on the board that may be looking to take Kate out of the picture; unfortunately, he may not be able to find the culprit before it is too late.

Welcome back Buchananís! Julie Garwood introduces more of the wonderful Buchanan clan in her latest novel Slow Burn. With her usual flair and suspense filled storylines, Julie Garwood delivers another rollicking tale that includes wonderful characters that will thrill. Kate is a wonderfully feisty heroine who also has a vulnerable side that Dylan has an unerringly accurate aim at hitting. Dylan is himself vulnerable where Kate is concerned, and determined that he will keep her safe at all costs, even from herself. Not only will you laugh at some of the truly hilarious lines but you will feel saddened and angered by the intricate web that is weaved and the deception that could very well destroy all that Kate and Dylan are slowly building. A wonderful tale of love and suspense that will make its way into any romance readerís favorite list.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Angel.

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