by Fiona Gibson

September 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89532-1
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Trade Paperback

The last place Londoner Ro Skews wants to move is the countryside. She is a city girl after all, but eventually she concedes to the wishes of her husband Marcus and agrees to sell her flat and move to the country. Chetsley might be the perfect place for their family. There will be no more noisy neighbors, and Tod, their wonderfully unique five-year-old son, was sure to flourish in such a lovely environment.

Although new surroundings give Tod room to grow and make new friends, Ro finds that country life is not always quiet. She now deals with senseless neighborhood lawn battles and repairs to a house, which is hardly worthy of the term “fixer-upper”. Even more troubling is the fact that the quaintness of the country is making it impossible for her to deny listening to the sad truth her heart has been trying to tell her for so long. Yet somehow in the not so quiet country, Ro will learn, with the help of her five year old wonderboy, that sometimes it is alright to be true to your own self.

With her writing, Fiona Gibson commands attention. Her heartfelt stories are written so cleverly and honestly that they appeal to all people. The characters of Wonderboy are molded in emotion and spring off the paper, carrying their joys and frustration into the readers’ hearts. Even when booklovers find themselves telling Ro to wise up and give Marcus a foot up his behind, they will still empathize with her, all the while hoping and praying that her circumstances will never be theirs.

And in reality, Ro could be you or me because Gibson writes about every woman and every man, weaving the real life what ifs into compelling drama. That talent is what makes such Fiona Gibson such a marvelous writer. Wonderboy is yet another example of her skill.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Natasha.

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