by Tara McCarthy

September 2005
ISBN: 1-4165-0324-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Downtown Press
Trade Paperback

Sloan Madden's life is full, but different from what she expected in her twenties. She is still hoping her best friend will realize they should be more than friends and, at the same time, she is looking for romance in other arenas. Her career as a writer of celebrity fluff pieces pays her bills, but has not made her a household name. Sloan believes her big break may have come when she is asked by superstar pop stars Fauna and Flora Sparks to pen their official bio. Fauna and Flora are very different from the usual teen sensations since they are co-joined or Siamese twins.

Once Sloan moves into "The Joint" with the girls and their father Ed, she sees there really can be a big price to pay for celebrity and the saying that money can't buy happiness is often all too true. Sloan must decide how far she is willing to go to write the story that could promote her career to celebrity heights.

Although this novel is from Downtown Press, which is known for a long list of successful chick-lit books, it has a much darker tone than the typical light romp. Some serious issues are addressed along with touches of wry humor. The twins seem straight out of a John Irving novel where the freakish and quirky are mainstreamed. The narrative is told in first person by Sloan and the author lets us see her life and motivations "warts and all".

Ms. McCarthy has written in many other forms, but Love Will Tear Us Apart is her debut novel. Her ability to tap into the reader's deepest emotions will guarantee her a successful writing career.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Roberta.

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