by Peggy Nicholson

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51362-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #48
Mass Market Paperback

When we first meet Raine Ashaway, she is riding a police horse, hell-bent for leather, in a cocktail dress that is more form than substance. She is trying to cover several city blocks in an attempt to stop the thieves and kidnappers who crashed the museumís benefit and grabbed her friend as a hostage. Her survival skills may be handy in the jungle, but they leave a few jaws gaping even in The Big Apple. She may look like a runway model, but this is no pampered society miss. She is the premiere bone-hunter at her family firm, Ashaway All, the legendary archeological company.

When the dust settles, Raine has more pressing concerns than the foiled robbery plot. First, she wants to know who slipped her the mysterious note asking for a meeting on the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight. Then she wants to know why that compelling man at the party seemed to be watching her.

Kincade hadnít planned on meeting Raine Ashaway tonight, he just wanted to get a good look at the enemy. His plan to destroy Ashaway All called for patience. After all, he had been planning it since he was a teenager. His plans may have to wait, when he and Raine are presented with the opportunity of a lifetime - an opalized fossil of T Rex, buried in the Indonesian jungle. It will be interesting to see which company, Ashaway All or SauroStar, his own, will find the spectacular fossil and be able to bring it safely to civilization. A find like this can make or break a company.

Peggy Nicholsonís An Angel in Stone has it all; riveting action that keeps you glued to the pages, a smouldering hot attraction that cannot be denied, and a creepy villain to keep things interesting. She also brought a fine depth to the book with her excellent research about the tribes, cultures and habitat of the area. Her work has laid the foundation for several more Ashaway All books as other family members will be revealed.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Paula.

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