by Maggie Price

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51361-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #47
Mass Market Paperback

Is statement analysis really a tool that can help solve crimes by picking apart the statements that have been given in a crime? Just what do the statements really say about a person? That is where Paige comes into the picture. She teaches statement analysis to the local police forces, which includes the private sector as well as federal.

Paige doesn’t start off her new training all that well, she is late and when she walks into the classroom she immediately takes a disliking to Nate McCall for his once over of her, and of course his grin. Paige has a distrust of men and Nate sets off her radar. Paige isn’t one to keep quiet about anything, she tells it like she sees it and well this might get her into trouble every now and then. She sets out to prove that statement analysis does work and the example she uses from the class assignment, well, she picked on Nate. How she knows it is his is by a little stunt she played to find out.

Nate doesn’t quite believe in what Paige is teaching and he doesn’t get to make it to anymore of her classes because of a high profile murder case that has fallen into his lap. Nate is gentle, caring, but can be a hard nose when he needs to be. We see the caring side of Nate a few times during the story.

Paige’s first day teaching the class seemed to go downhill and kept going that way while she was in Oklahoma City. She has an escaped murdered after her; someone mugged her and then someone tried to kill her. It seems she is now working with Nate, who doesn’t like it one bit, on his murder case and he also has her case of tracking down the psycho escaped doctor after her. Both Paige and Nate are stubborn and strong willed but also work well together. Can they work well together in a relationship as well? They are attracted to each other and even though Paige doesn’t trust men she might be willing to give Nate a chance but is he willing to give her a chance?

Trigger Effect was a fast paced read that left us wondering what was going to happen to Paige next. She does bring some of her problems on her own but the majority of her problems are coming from those out to harm her. She has recovered from a gunshot wound that forced her from a job she loved, as a police officer and with that gunshot wound a heart that still needs to be healed. Can Nate be the one to heal her? Trigger Effect is in a series by Ms. Price called In the Line of Duty. I will be looking for the previous stories as well as the future ones in this series and other books by Ms. Price as well.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pam.

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