by Kate HIll

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-150-X
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The great Chand, God of Lust, Ruler of Fertility, Lord of the Underworld and Death, was punished by his fellow gods for his hedonistic, licentious ways. Placed under a powerful spell that locks him in his underworld realm for eternity, Chand is forced to make a terrible bargain with a cult of priests in order to escape his captivity for seven days every year. For seven days Chand sates himself on a mate he chooses from among the women who gather to offer them selves to him. Chandís resurrection comes at a nightmarish price; he must occupy the body of a host, suppressing his host's consciousness beneath his own. For over a century Kabir has been host to the godís spirit. Held prisoner by Chandís priests, and ultimately by the god himself, Kabir longs for his freedom. However the only way that both kabir and Chand can be free of this terrible spell is if they find a woman who can love both the god and the man.

Tamanna is the woman they are seeking, but can they find the strength to use the woman they have come to love for their own ends?

Sating the Lust God is a delightful little romp. This sexy, interesting, and intriguing novella will satisfy any cravings for a quickie you may have. It is light but still engaging and will not disappoint.


Reviewed in June 2005 by Cynthia.

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