by Beth Pattillo

June 2005
ISBN: 1-4000-7044-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback

Betsy Blessing is an Associate Pastor, but she is bumped into the Senior Pastor position, as an Interim, howbeit reluctantly. She has to take the same rate of pay and double the duty. Her best friend, David, a Senior Pastor at a different church, thinks Betsy has been had. Betsy agrees, but doesnít know quite how to handle it. After all, she needs her job at least until September. Then she plans on resigning from the ministry and going to law school.

But there are a few inconvenient things associated with this position. Parishioners are keeling over during worship service. Someone is stealing money from the collection box, and someone else is sending her black roses. . . .

When Betsy suddenly develops feelings for David, it only makes matters worse. How does she tell her long time friend that she is in love with him? Will he return her feelings or let her down easy?

Heavens to Betsy is a very cute story. As a ministerís wife, sometimes I felt like Ms. Pattillo has sat in on some of the events I have experienced. I could thoroughly identify with everything Betsy had to work through, from weddings to funerals and everything in between.

If you ever wondered what life in the ministry is like, whether male or female, or even if you just need a good laugh, then Heavens to Betsy is the book for you. I am looking forward to reading the sequel due out in the summer of 2006. Heavens to Betsy is a book you donít want to miss.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Laura.

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