by Cindy Cruciger

September 2005
ISBN: 0-765-35225-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

The long awaited book by new author Cindy Cruciger was highlighted in Cindy’s monthly column for Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine. Readers followed Cindy through the trials and tribulations of writing a book, searching for an agent, and finally receiving the covetous “offer” from a publishing company. Due on bookshelves in September 2005, many reader fans of Cindy’s column will be eagerly awaiting the story they caught glimpses of in her monthly report.

Revenge Gifts is a quirky, fast paced story with the basis that “karma does come full circle”. Tara Cole runs her own internet business called “”. She’s always being told that one day selling revenge as a gift is going to backfire on her, but she doesn’t care --- she enjoys it too much. So when crazy things suddenly start happening, and a new man appears in her life, Tara has to rethink this whole “karma” deal.

Howard claims he just wants to buy into her business, but Tara isn’t sure what to believe; especially considering that all the bad karma started happening when Howard showed up. Still, there’s this attraction between them that she can’t deny and she’s spirited enough to take what’s offered --- no matter what the consequences.

Filled with lots of red herrings, quirky characters, mystery, revenge-at-its-deepest level, love, and page turning events one after the other, this book will no doubt delight fans of this new author. This reviewer would have preferred the story not be told in the first person point of view --- as it would have been fun to “know” some of the other characters thoughts and emotions (especially Howard’s), but it nonetheless was a good, entertaining afternoon read.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Kari.

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