by Cissy Hassell

August 2005
ISBN: 0-9767634-2-7
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Mass Market Paperback

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Guthrie Cavanaugh is a cut-throat businessman. He runs his personal life pretty much the same way as he runs his business. He was married to a woman named Alicia, only things didnít work out the way either of them wanted. Guthrie wanted the beautiful woman on his arm and that is about it. He didnít really love Alicia, just the idea of a marriage to a beautiful woman would help his career.

Alicia wanted out of the loveless marriage. She didnít want children but Guthrie did and little did he know that Alicia was pregnant with twins. She led him to believe there was only one child and not two. She was pregnant during the divorce proceeding and shortly thereafter she delivered the twin girls.

Now eight years later, Christopher Knight finds out that Guthrie has another daughter, named Cassidy. Nothing will stop Guthrie from getting his other daughter not even the woman, Marissa Harrington who adopted Cassidy.

Marissa puts up a fight for Cassidy but she knows in the end that it might not be enough. Once his family knows about it his mother, Leona wants to see Cassidy, to visit with the granddaughter she has never met. Can this meeting be the start of reuniting these two girls whom neither knew about but felt that something was missing?

Marissa and Guthrie go head to head over what is best for the girls. Guthrie wants the girls together at all cost and he knows that Marissa will not give up Cassidy. But can she live with his proposal of them marrying so the girls will be together like they should have been from the very beginning and of course living with Guthrie.

Ms. Hassell has given us a wonderful and heart-wrenching story of two parents that will do anything to keep their children safe. The battles that are waged between Marissa and Guthrie are something else. One is fighting to keep her daughter and the other is fighting to get back a daughter he didnít know existed. Of course the attraction between the two of them simmers just under the surface each time they met.

Deceit Times Two will have you cheering on Marissa and growling at some of the things that Guthrie tries to pull. Just how does Alicia play in all of this after eight years? If you are looking for a heart-warming story of finding the love you have always wanted but didnít know it was there until it was almost too late, then pick up this story. We canít forget the two girls, Cassidy and Miranda. They also want to be together but they will not break either parents heart as to what they really want. They have a plan or two of their own.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Pam.

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