by Dominique Adair

June 2005
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Eight months ago Holly was viciously beaten by her master. The attack left scars on her body and on her heart. She refuses to relinquish her body or her heart to another master and make herself that vulnerable again. But her former master, Greg Mains, wonít leave her alone despite her rejection of his repeated attempts to reconcile. As if he has not done enough, now the vindictive bastard has sold the mortgage his bank holds on Holly's bookstore to get back at her for leaving him. Holly inherited the building and the store from her late parents, and it is the one thing she holds dear. But hope may be in sight for Holly and for her bookstore.

Ethan Clarke has been obsessed with Holly ever since he met her at a party a few years ago. Heís been half in love all that time, and his feelings for her have only deepened with time. When he discovers what Greg is up to, he out maneuvers him and buys Hollyís loan. He then offers her a deal she canít possibly refuse: be his submissive for one weekend and the property is hers free and clear. For Holly agreeing will mean facing her demons and putting her trust in a man again, but the result could be the relationship of her dreams.

Holly is a delight: short, sweet, and sizzling. The BDSM lifestyle is given a romantic edge in this romance than in other BDSM novels. This energetic story is packed with passionate love scenes in glowing detail.


Reviewed in June 2005 by Cynthia.

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