by Sherri L. King

June 2005
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Reporter Ellie Waterhouse has been asked to cover the latest performance of illusionist Vincent Darque. The regular reviewer is star struck by the talents of the charismatic, but private magician, but it still remains her job to take a jaundiced view of every trick and stunt at the performance. Soon it is impossible for Ellie to deny that Vincentís appeal has just as much to do with his darkly handsome looks as it does to his mesmerizing expertise. His talents defy all logical explanations. And once Ellie gets an up-close and personal demonstration of Vincentís powers, she is seduced by more than just his talented hands.

Vincent senses a kindred spirit in Ellie. There is a great deal of magic within this alluring woman. But she doesnít believe magic exists. What is a man in love to do but seduce his lady into changing her mind.

Beyond Illusion is charming. Sparks fly when these two extremely forceful characters clash, and it makes for an engaging read. The magic between Ellie and Vincent is sweet and spicy at the same time. A B.O.B is definitely required for this one.


Reviewed in August 2005 by Cynthia.

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