by Lisa Renee Jones

June 2005
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Samantha Reynolds is about to say “I do” to boring David Alcoed. There is no passion in their relationship. Samantha said yes to his proposal because it was time. Also Daddy likes him and he is great for the business.

It’s the night of the bachelorette party and Samantha has decided one last fling is just what she needs. A good orgasm before she marries boring David who just does not have it to turn her on, let alone even get excited when he walks into a room. David is just comfortable to be with. She plans on purchasing her own personal wedding gift that will need a new hiding spot after tonight.

Samantha’s best friend, Kelly, and maid of honor will carry out another idea and makes plans to bring someone back into Samantha’s life. Kelly is hoping that Eric can change Samantha’s plans. She is her best friend and feels she must look out for her best interest.

Three years ago Eric Fletcher broke off his relationship with Samantha. He felt he could not be the person her dad expected his daughter to be with. Eric would not listen to Samantha for he wanted her to be who he was for her.

Eric shows up at Club Q and Samantha’s old feeling of wants has not changed but she is convinced that she will not let her feelings of love stop her from walking away afterwards. Eric has a room at the hotel just across the street from Club Q. Samantha wants to be in control and Eric lets her have her way, for now. He knows he needs to prove to her that he loves her, and it may take a few orgasms to soften her up so she will listen to him.

Will Eric be able to convince Samantha that he does love her? Will she realize before it is too late that David is not the man for her? What will it take for her to see what is not there? Will Kelly be able to show her the mistake she is making? Also what about daddy, will he be a factor in any decision she makes?

>B>Addicted kept me wondering until the end if Samantha would make any changes in some of the decisions she had made. Lisa Renee Jones has also made it possible to write a story about Kelly. I hope and would look forward to another book by her.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Theresa.

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