by Anya Bast

June 2005
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War and strife has made life on Earth in the year 2075 one of constant struggle and unending chaos. An alien species poisoned the planetís water in a bid to take over the planet but they lost the ensuing war and now the survivors, alien and earthling, have to find a way to rebuild and survive the bacteria eating away at the plant. With pure water scarce and under the control of a petty despot, Bianca may be the only one who can find the alien crystal that will reverse the poisoning and kill the bacteria ravaging the world. All she has to do is get past dozens of guards, steal the crystal and return to her sector with it. Piece of cake. But she didnít count on the best tracker in the world being on her trail.

Angelo, a Guardian of the Order, is sent to track down Bianca and take her into custody. The beautiful thief tempts him with glimpses of the woman she is behind her jaded mask but she is forbidden to him. In spite of his desires and Biancaís allure, Angelo refuses to give in to his growing need to make her his, for Angelo has secrets that put him, and anybody he loves, at risk.

Immerse yourself in the sexy world of Water Crystal, the latest futuristic romance by Anya Bast. This post apocalyptic fantasy will fascinate with its vivid imagery, spirit, and adventure. Angeloís compassion and strength along with Biancaís boundless spirit and passion made watching their relationship unfold a joy. Love with the flood of adversity is always a beauty to behold.

Enjoy this epic romance!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Cynthia.

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