by Carly Phillips

August 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77019-7
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Zoe Costas is turning thirty. That, in itself, isn’t a problem . . . really. It’s that she’s a thirty year old unemployed former Secret Service agent who lives at home with her parents and can’t commit to anything. Zoe decides to focus her attentions on the new business she is starting up with her brother-in-law and his friend, as well as helping her parents adopt an orphan foster child. She is definitely not looking for romance or adventure.

Adventure and romance, however, find Zoe in the form of Ryan Baldwin. Searching for his runaway sister, Ryan is faced with not only the shock of his sister's death but the news of a niece he never knew. Believing that he would be saving the child, Samantha, from a fate worse than death at a foster home, Ryan finds the Costas’ family home and much more than he bargained for in Zoe. With an uneasy alliance, Zoe and Ryan first attempt to get to know each other and then attempt to protect Sam.

Summer Lovin’ is the second of Carly Phillips’ Costas Family series and continues the lives of the Costas family with Zoe, the twin to the heroine in the first book. Zoe is vibrant, vivacious, and daring in her attire as well as attitude. She sees her parents’ loving relationship as too much compromise and feels that there is no way she can ever have a relationship due to her inability to compromise. Ryan is the exact opposite of Zoe. He is conservative, quiet, and yet flies under the radar. Zoe’s family is boisterous, while Ryan’s family is upper-crust who uses far too many forks during dinner. Yet with all these differences, Zoe and Ryan prove the old saying “opposites attract” in the most heated and passionate ways possible. With a fast paced, intimate and exciting story line, Summer Lovin’ has me hoping Ms. Phillips continues with her habit of writing trilogies.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Vikky.

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