by Lisa Kleypas

March 2006
ISBN: 0-06-056251-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Picking up the action, immediately after It Happened One Autumn, author Lisa Kleypas brings us another excellent book in her Wallflower series.

Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, may have been cast as the villain of the last book, but I for one was not fooled. He was not at all as wicked as he appeared. His motive was driven by desperation for an heiress. Little did he know that one was going to arrive on his doorstep.

The shyest wallflower of all proves to be the bravest as Evangeline Jenner makes Sebastian an offer that he cannot refuse. In return for marriage and his protection, Evie makes no demands on the devilishly handsome viscount. She only wants the freedom that marriage can give her, and a safe harbor from her brutal relatives. She wants to spend her days at the bedside of her dying father, a notorious gambler.

I found The Devil in Winter to be an extremely satisfying book. The characters leap off the pages and into your heart. Sebastian and Evie are perfectly matched. They just donít know it yet. Both of them have some growing up to do, and have to learn their inner strengths. Ms. Kleypas does an excellent job of infusing them with vibrant life.

I cannot wait for the final book of this wonderful series!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Paula.

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