by Sherrilyn Kenyon

September 2005
ISBN: 1-4165-0356-0
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Sydney Westbrook is an agent with the ultra secret Bureau Of American Defense otherwise known as BAD. Sydís latest assignment involves a risky counter-terrorism operation for which she needs a sniper. He must be the best because there is no room for error. He will only have one shot to make the hit.

The man chosen for the job is J.D. Steele, a military sniper who is currently being housed at Leavenworth for attempting to kill his CO. Syd and BAD director Joe Q Public and his assistant The (pronounced Tee) Ho travel to Kansas to offer Steele the opportunity of a lifetime. If he comes to work for BAD he will be released from prison and his record will be erased. All he has to do in return is one little hit.

Steele doesnít see that he has much of a choice and goes back to the Nashville headquarters of BAD with the three. Once they arrive in Nashville Joe pairs Syd and Steele together to work out the details of the job. This goes over like a lead balloon because the two seem to have an instant dislike of each other.

Steele must infiltrate a terrorist group in order to set up his target. With Syd posing as his girlfriend he does just that and in the process gets a killer on his tail. Whoever survives the next 24 hours wins. Syd and Steele are on the run for their lives and in the process they see each other in a whole new light. How will this complex case end? You will have to get your own copy of Bad Attitude to find out.

Sherrilyn Kenyon takes the step into hardcover releases with her latest BAD series installment, Bad Attitude. Syd and Steele are a very mismatched couple despite the sizzling sexual chemistry that erupts whenever they are in the same room. Ms Kenyon does a splendid job of building her characters and letting the reader see what makes them tick layer by layer. Although I loved Steele from the beginning I canít say the same about Syd. I questioned many of the choices she made and it took me a while to be convinced that she was the right woman for this hero.

Ms. Kenyon makes excellent use of the Nashville setting and I liked the history of country music and the city of Nashville that she wove into her story line. Several secondary characters make for interesting possible lead characters in future installments of this series. Standing at the head of this line is Joe, the BAD director and The, his ever-faithful assistant. These two should be begging Sherrilyn to tell their story and I hope itís soon.

Some readers will find the plot a bit over the top and perhaps unbelievable, but I thought it was fast-moving and quite interesting. The gunfight and chase scenes were especially exhilarating. Overall Bad Attitude should prove to be another bestseller for an outstanding author.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Barbara.

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