by Julia London

October 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20631-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Marnie Banks has just been hired by Thrillseekers Anonymous, a popular L.A. mens’ adventure club, to be the wedding planner for T.A.’s latest gig. They are sponsoring an extreme canyon trip in the mountains to be topped off by the wedding of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Eli McCain, one of the four founders of Thrillseekers Anonymous is anything but excited about this latest venture. He’s all for extreme sports and exciting vacations, but give him a wedding, and he gets the willies. Ever since his own disastrous wedding, the mere mention of the word brings back all the pain and anger he felt at the time, making the wound seem fresh. But there’s something about the wedding planner that makes Eli smile.

Marnie Banks may be new to the wedding planner business, but she’s excited to work with T.A. It doesn’t hurt that adding a celebrity wedding to her portfolio may just make her the wedding planner to the stars. Though she didn’t expect to get hired, she starts right on the job as soon as Eli tells her the good news. Soon, Marnie is elbows deep into wedding plans with the bride, Olivia Dagwood. Dresses, cakes, linens, guests…it’s a big challenge because the remote location will prohibit much of the normal wedding day activities, but Marnie is out to prove her worth.

As she works closely with Eli, feelings start to develop between them. Marnie wants it to mean something more to Eli than just a fling, but commitment-phobic Eli shies away from getting closer to Marnie. As the wedding approaches, tensions mount. Can Marnie pull off the wedding of the year without losing Eli, or is Eli, a man not afraid of any challenge, a man who lives up to T.A.’s motto of Name your fantasy and we’ll make it happen, is he just too afraid to show Marnie how he feels?

Wedding Survivor is the first in Julia London’s latest series, Thrillseekers Anonymous, and wow, she starts off with a bang. Marnie is a real treat as a heroine. Despite the ill treatment she sometimes suffers from working with the bride, she manages to keep a smile on her face and a sunny disposition. Marnie is sweet, kind, funny, and she will do anything to make this wedding a success, leading to many hilarious situations. Julia London infuses Marnie’s character with warmth, happiness, and a love of life that more than equals Eli’s love of extreme sports. And who can forget Eli, the man of the moment. Though he’s afraid of love, he steps up to bat for Marnie again and again, showing the reader that in his case, still waters definitely do run deep.

Readers who have come to expect fast-paced plots, mixed in with realistic and charming characters and a sensual romance will not be let down by Julia London’s newest novel. Wedding Survivor is a great time from start to finish and will leave readers hooked on Thrillseekers Anonymous.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Sarah.

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