by Claire Delacroix

November 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61444-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Kinfairlie, Scotland –December 24, 1421

It is Christmas Eve at Kinfairlie castle, and Laird Alexander Lammergeier has a dilemma. His coffers are nearly empty, his food stores almost bare, he has guests up the wazoo for the holidays, and his scheming sisters are plotting revenge against him. Alexander, in his haste to have less mouths to feed had arranged marriages for the two eldest, Madeline and Vivienne, never mind they be now passionately in love with the spouses he found for them! If only his parents had not died tragically this past year at sea, or if his uncle, Tynan the Laird of Ravensmuir had not been buried alive in a cave-in in the labyrinths under his castle. Alexander would still be the carefree young man he once was before the entire weight of being Laird fell upon him. Instead, Alexander has constant worries about all of his people and how they will survive the bitterness of winter. Then a most wondrous happenstance occurs, a lovely stranger stumbles into his castle seeking sanctuary. Perhaps Christmas will not be so bad after all!

The Lammergeier sisters cannot believe the good fortune that has smiled upon them! The woman who was trying to hide on their lands is the answer to their plot for retaliation against their brother Alexander. Lady Eleanor will marry Alexander, (with a little help from his devious sisters), and then he won’t be looking for ways to marry off the remaining girls! Alexander will be too busy keeping his new bride happy. The idea is perfect for the Lammergeier sisters and for Lady Eleanor who has secrets to keep hidden from this good-natured family. However, Alexander is nothing like any man Eleanor has ever known. He is kind, witty, and charming, and all he desires is to see Eleanor smile! Could it be Eleanor has finally found a man worthy of her love?

The third book in the Jewels of Kinfairlie saga, The Snow White Bride, is definitely a worthy chapter to this series. Claire Delacroix has once again mastered the words to give grace, style and a cutting edge to Alexander’s story, a spectacular follow-up to The Beauty Bride, and The Rose Red Bride. Alexander, who seemed somewhat harsh in his decisions in the previous books, comes across lighter and more heroic in this one. There are some doubts to Lady Eleanor in the beginning, but after the much needed explanations come into play about her shady past, then you can relax and enjoy this romantic ride.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Bonnie.

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