by Felicia Forella

August 2005
ISBN: 1-59374-413-7
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Bethany canít believe her luck when she inherits a Corvette, but not just any Corvette. It is a 1966, a classic and in mint condition. This is just what she needs at the moment; a car, then she plans on selling it for the money. But it seems the cars original owner has other plans for Bethany.

USAF Captain Nicholas Giordano canít believe his luck after all these years of no one hearing him; he has finally come across someone that can. Bethany. It seems that she can also see him if he wants her too. It takes a lot more energy to do that instead of just her hearing his voice.

Nicholas is stuck in limbo. There seems to be some deed that still needs to be done before he can go to heaven. Until that deed is done, he is stuck inside his car, never leaving it. The problem is, Nicholas has no idea what the deed is that needs to be accomplished.

Bethany sets out to help Nicholas by going over his past when he was alive and seeing if anything is there that might help. It doesnít. They start traveling to his old haunts but still nothing, even the base that is now no longer a base, hoping something would happen.

Bethany isnít sure what is happening to her. How can she be falling in love with a ghost? It is interesting to see the scenes that take place in the car. Whatever Nicholas is thinking and feeling towards Bethany, she feels it as well. It does get a little steamy quite a few times.

Ghost of a Chance is just that, finding the love of your life when there isnít a chance that you ever will. But when you do, are you willing to take the chance even it if means going back to another decade? The story is touching and will leave you with a sense of well being that all is right in the world, if you only believe and take a chance on the one you love. This was the first story by Ms. Forella that I've read and it will not be the last.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pam.

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