by Sheri Gilmore

May 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-120-2
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Hayley Thomas wondered how she had let her best friend in the world talk her into going clubbing. And what's more, how in the world did they end up in the House of Purgatory, a place filled with a leather clad, tattooed, and pierced congregation? The atmosphere is not what she had in mind when she thought about looking for a little sex; that is until she saw the one thing that made her body combust into an inferno of lust. Tall, with blacker than sin hair and an arrogance that radiates from his every pore, Dante is what every man should be, if one went for the sadistically controlling, bad boy type which Hayley just learned was her hot button.

But the House of Purgatory is no mere club; it is Hell. And Dante is no proprietor; he is Samael, the Devil. Samael, once the most revered of all angels, was cast down to the bowel of hell and given Lilith, the queen of all demons, who proved to be as faithless a wife as could ever be, even for the mother of all demons. With his second human existence on Earth, Samael was given Beatrice as his second wife. And now Hayley has come to Hell to fulfill a prophecy. It is Hayley who will ultimately let the ancient gods and goddesses of the past rule the world again, but only if Samael is not strong enough to prevent the attack. Lilith’s return in Hayley’s body is supposed to weaken Samael. But not everything is as it seems, and Heaven and Hell are once more reunited in a battle that could very well destroy the very fabric of the universe.

Hot can not describe Hot House: Dante & Hayley; scorching comes closer. Filled with heat and compelling scenes of betrayal and the emergence of faith, Hot House: Dante & Hayley caught my attention and wouldn’t release it. I love a book that has the ability to pull the reader into the story, and that is what Sheri Gilmore has created. It’s pages are filled with intriguing characters, quick and witty dialogue, as well as some extremely explosive scenes. A definite must buy!

Reviewed in June 2005 by Angel.

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