by Rhyannon Byrd

June 2005
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Denise “Denny” Abbott has a massive crush on her boss Gabriel Harrison. The plus size assistant wants to melt his icy veneer and singe his drawers, warming him with her passion and her love. She wants to be the one he comes to, the one he needs, the one to sate his hungers and ease the pain she glimpses in his deep gray eyes. But she doesn’t think she has a chance to get his attention and hold it until Jonah Cartwright, Gabriel’s business partner and best friend convinces her to present Gabriel with a birthday gift he will never forget.

But Jonah has ulterior motives for his generosity: he wants Denny. He loves everything about her but knows that she is in love with his best friend. Knowing this may be his only chance to have Denny in his arms, Jonah grags it with both hands. For Denny the idea of having Gabe and Jonah all to herself for one night is unbelievable but too tempting to resist. And if she can convince Gabe to make it permanent all the better.

Sexy Sweet: Triple Play is a twist on the unrequited love theme. Make sure you’re wearing your asbestos undies when you read this one! It is hot, hot, hot, ladies. Although the author focuses a bit too much on class distinctions at first, throwing off the rhythm of the story, once you get past that the underlying love story runs strong and remains compelling. The romance between Gabriel and Denny is sweet and passionate and all that I could have hoped for.


Reviewed in July 2005 by Cynthia.

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