by Jaci Burton

May 2005
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Brett McGregor has been the man of Kaitlyn Stormís dreams for years. He is perfect, except for one thing; he doesnít want anything to do with Kaitlyn other than be the best friend to her brother and a friend to her family. She had one taste of him for a short time before he pushed her away, and nothing since has happened. Kaitlyn thinks that she finally has the solution, a nude portrait of her. But getting Brett to actually do the painting is harder than she thought it would be. Maybe a little jealously would work where cajoling and manipulation didnít.

Brett would give anything to take Kaitlyn in his arms and show her that she is more than enough to satisfy the craving that is tearing him apart inside. But he canít let her know about the demons that haunt him or it might change the way she thinks of him. Having her ask him to paint her nude was the hardest thing he has ever had to turn down, but he no longer paints. Letting another artist paint her or look at her nude body is also the hardest thing he has ever had to do, and it is the one thing that he wonít allow to happen. Deciding to paint Kaitlyn is maybe the best decision of his life, or shows him that once and for all he is not worthy of any happiness.

I have been enthralled with the Storm series since Summer Heat. The Storm family is wonderfully down-to-earth, tightly knit family that it is easy to fall in love them. Giving them the gifts of magic makes them even more special to anyone that loves paranormal stories. And Brett has been a character that has stood out since his introduction. Knowing he has a tormented soul has kept him in the forefront of the readers mind; a mysterious man with a tragic past that no one will talk about, what better hero could a reader ask for. And Kaitlyn! I always knew she was no slouch, but I have been pleasantly surprised with her determination and her understanding. Spring Rain combines magic, tragedy, renewal, and love in a spectacularly intriguing way that will keep the reader engrossed and entertained until the final page.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Angel.

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