by Julie Ortolon

November 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21707-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Fans of Julie Ortolonís Perfect trilogy are rejoicing with the release of the concluding book...Too Perfect. This is the story of Amy Baker the only one of the trio of friends yet to overcome her greatest fears, and find the happiness that has so totally enveloped her friends, Maddy and Christine.

Amy has developed what would seem to many of us to be an unnatural fear of traveling. As the story develops readers find that Amyís fear has a good basis and will be rooting for her as she works hard to not only overcome her fear of traveling, but also to overcome her poor self image.

Amy is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She owns a franchise called Traveling Nannies. Her company sets up nannies to travel all over the world with well-to-do families who want assistance with their children. When a job comes in that interests her, Amy takes this as a sign that sheís meant to try to meet the challenge that she has set with her friends.

With every intention of overcoming the fear and being totally successful, Amy sets off on a Caribbean cruise. Nothing on the cruise goes correctly, and soon Amy finds herself not only fired, but stranded on the island of St. Barts as well. She has no clothes, money, I.D, basically no way to support herself on the island or to get home.

Byron Parks has it all. Heís gorgeous and confident. The only thing he doesnít have is a zest for life. Heís in St. Barts hiding out from the world trying to find that zest that he feels is so missing from his life. Just one problem...he doesnít realize what heís missing until he meets Amy.

The relationship between Byron and Amy now makes up the rest of the story. Itís the opening of a cocoon from a lowly worm to a beautiful butterfly not only for Amy, but also for Byron. As you read of their relationship you will cry and you will laugh as they work their way together. They are truly two halves who need each other to make a whole.

Ms. Ortolon has given just enough description of each locale of her book to make one want to have an adventure of their own, but not enough to distract from the love that you can feel blooming between her main characters. While there are secondary characters, they assume small roles and donít distract from the main characters at all.

Iíve personally been a fan of Julie Ortolon since she wrote her first book. I remain a committed fan to this day, and am sure that after you read her Perfect trilogy you will be a fan as well.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Sandi.

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