by Marie Donovan

September 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79208-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #204
Mass Market Paperback

Rey Martinson has received the commission of her dreams. Her work in both oils and marble has been gaining attention, and she has been selected to sculpt a large marble figure which will be the centerpiece of a wealthy familyís renovated home. Rey is thrilled of course, but also feels the pressure of having to locate the perfect model and submit her finished sketches in a very short time.

Marco Flores is under a very different sort of pressure. Having come to Chicago in order to make sure his brother is safe, this undercover DEA agent is on the run. Although his cover is blown, he gathered enough evidence to put El Lobo, a Cuban criminal, behind bars for a long time. That is, if he can stay alive long enough to testify. When his brother Francisco is offered a chance to audition in LA, Marco is relieved. That will keep him safely out of reach. Francisco has a scheduling conflict to do some live modeling for a local artist. Marco agrees to take his place. How difficult can it be? Posing with a bowl of fruit?

From the first minute that Rey and Marco meet, the polar attraction could not get any hotter. This Nordic queen who sculpts nudes cannot take her eyes off her hot Latino model. He is the perfect choice for Mars, the God of War, that will adorn the Stuartís mansion. She also may have to seriously re-think her decision not to date any more of her models. Marco is too much man to resist. Marco, on the other hand, is dealing with several simultaneous surprises: Rey is not Ray, but a Viking goddess come to life, life modeling is a polite way of saying buck naked, and he cannot seem to control his libido around the stunning artist. This is how Francisco makes a living??

Marie Donovan has written a real winner with Her Body of Work. The passion is hot enough to scorch the pages, but she was not satisfied with this angle. She throws in a danger-filled plot, and just enough personal issues to flesh out her characters. Readers will either fan themselves through the steamy sections or hang on through the action sequences. Enjoy the ride!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Paula.

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