by Kristin Gabriel

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-69226-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1026
Mass Market Paperback

FBI agent Zack Maddox has been investigating illegal activity involving Gilbert Holloway. After Gilbert flees custody, Zack monitors his email and phone and thatís how he finds himself at Gilbertís high school reunion impersonating the man. In all honesty he goes out of curiosity to meet Gracie Dawson, one of Gilbertís friends whom he has gotten to know through their emails as well as in hopes of getting a lead to crack his case and find the elusive Gilbert.

Bookstore owner Gracie Dawsonís life has turned upside down recently. The latest in a series of events is when Gracie learns that she has a short 30 days to relocate the bookstore her aunt has left to her. The bookstoreís present building is going to be torn down to widen the highway through town despite Gracie and her friends last ditch effort to get the building declared a protected historical site.

Through the last ten years Gracie has kept in touch with her best friend from high school Gilbert Holloway through phone calls and emails. In fact she has come to think of Gilbert as the perfect man through their correspondence and although she hasnít seen him in ten years she feels a kind of connection with him. He is the main reason she always seems to find fault in other men.

Gracie has big plans for Gilbert at their high school reunion and in fact her plans look to be a success right up until the moment that she finds out that Gilbert isnít Gilbert but is in fact Zack. Can they have anything more than one shared night of passion that was based on deception? What will happen when Gracieís life is threatened? Will someone say Goodnight Gracie for the final time?

Kristin Gabriel has penned the second of the four last Temptations in the Last Call mini series. She gives the reader a little more detail about all the women featured in the series. Kristin has also woven a tight edge of your seat mystery and suspense tale for Zack, Gilbert and Gracie in this segment. I was taken a bit by surprise at how well the plot worked for this story and how this talented author kept me guessing as to the outcome almost until the very last page.

Ms Gabriel has done a splendid job in continuing the ongoing story of the demise of Temptation as well as creating a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. As with the other three novels there are plenty of inside jokes and meanings concerning the 21-year Temptation line legacy that will keep the reader entertained. Make room on your keeper shelf for this very special book, which is sure to become a collectorís item as well as part of an unforgettable series, which I plan to read many times over the years to come.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Barbara.

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