by Heather MacAllister

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-69225-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1025
Mass Market Paperback

Tess Applegate has been a waitress at Temptation, a small bar in Texas, for the past two years. It’s the longest this free spirited wanderer has stayed in one place in quite some time. Too bad it’s all about to come to an end as the bar is scheduled to close in 30 days. The plans to tear down the building that houses it to widen the highway going through. Tess will miss the small town and the friends she has made there but now she must think about what to do next.

She is discussing her situation with long time customer Henry Bartholomew and his advise to her is that she now has a chance to follow her dreams. Tess is called away from her chat with Henry but when she returns she notices that he has left her not her usual 20-dollar tip but a duffel bag full of money.

Henry is far from the poor old gentleman Tess thought him to be. He is in fact owner of Bartholomew’s Best, an upscale department store in Austin. Henry has chosen Tess as his latest project. You see he takes great pleasure in finding deserving people and helping them achieve their dreams.

When Henry’s uptight gorgeous nephew, Evan Bartholomew arrives in town looking for his uncle, he finds Tess instead. Tess attempts to give the money back to Evan but he won’t take it. When another note from Henry is found in the money it becomes clear that it was Uncle Henry’s plan that the two meet. He wants Tess to help the uptight Evan relax and enjoy the mandatory vacation he has been forced to take from running the department store. Henry has locked everyone out of their offices for a month and wants them to enjoy their time away from work.

This is a sweet story of opposites attracting and finding a common ground. Tess and Evan could not be any more different from each other, but you have heard the saying opposites attract. It just might work in this case.

In Never Say Never, the first of the Last Call mini series, Heather MacAllister sets the stage for the end of the Temptation line. We meet not only the lead couple but also Cat and Laine Sheehan, owners of Temptation and bookstore owner Gracie Dawson as well. These women have become dear friends of Tess’ and it will be difficult for her to leave them when the time comes.

Ms MacAllister does a splendid job of creating a sexy and sweet romance with her lead characters as well as setting the stage for the upcoming three books in the Last Call series. She adds just enough details about the supporting cast to make the reader anxious to read their stories as well.

As the last four Temptations are sure to become collector’s items be sure and pick up a copy of Never Say Never by the talented Heather MacAllister before they are all gone. Go ahead and grab the other three titles as well because you will be anxious to read them after reading Ms MacAllister’s clever and entertaining first chapter.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Barbara.

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