by Cathy McDavid

July 2005
ISBN: 1-59414-355-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star

Reality TV has a new show on it’s roster. X-treme Dating is a cross between The Love Connection and Survivor as contestants must spend three days together in a number of scenarios. In addition to getting acquainted, the couple will compete for prizes in several episodes of Truth or Dare.

Firefighter Park Evenson is nearly fearless. As a woman in a male-dominated career, she has had to prove her worth over and over again, winning the respect of her firehouse. She has tackled every challenge thrown at her, except one - finding the right guy. When this opportunity presents itself, she approaches it with the determination to succeed.

Her date, Justin Mann, typifies what most women would swoon over. Handsome and well-dressed, this salesman has plenty of charm. So why isn’t it working on Park? And why is she so intrigued by the man behind the camera, Grant Hastings?

Author Cathy McDavid spins together a lovely tale of misplaced attraction and tosses in a dose of mystery. While the plot does seem obvious, Ms. McDavid has quite a few twists to keep the reader interested. I especially liked the fact that the couples are picked not because they match in personality, but in the “theme” for the episode. In this case, both Park and Justin hate fish, so all of their adventures have a marine theme. Some of the stunts bordered on Fear Factor as Park and Justin compete for additional prizes. The show’s producer, Natasha, is stereotypical of show business, but her antics push the story along nicely.

Reality TV addicts and romance readers will enjoy this new book.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Paula.

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