by Michelle Hoppe

May 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-096-1
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Tiro and his family have been cursed to walk as human since he was a child, not being able to swim beneath the seas as all Mer people are suppose to. He knows that it is time to take the final step to attain what his family has wanted for years, the end of the curse and the throne of Caspia. To do this he must give up the life he has made for himself as a human, as well as the lover that he has. In order for the curse to be broken, Tiro must mate with Callista. Callista is the daughter of Metri, the reigning king of Caspia, as well the very Mer person who cursed Tiro’s family.

Callista has no knowledge of what her father did. She has heard whispers but never cared enough to actually question the rumors. Right now all she cares about is getting out of the domed city so that she can swim free as her people are meant to. What she doesn’t expect is treachery from one of her closest friends to start the crack that destroys all that she knows to be true. Nor does Callista expect to be part of an elaborate scheme that has been hatched between conspirators.

Injecting Callista with a drug that will devolve her back into her human form, Tiro spirits her away to his ship until the time of mating, without telling her exactly who he is. Callista knows that everyone who was part of her kidnapping believes that she should mate with dethroned King Cyrus’ oldest son, Tiro, but she is determined that will never happen. Callista believes that the only way to get free is to seduce her captor and get him to set her free. Unfortunately for her, Tiro is her captor, and he is determined that she won’t know the truth until after the mating has been consummated and the curse is broken. But that starts to change when Tiro sees Callista as more than a means to an end; he sees her as his mate. When Callista finally learns the truth will she understand why Tiro has done what he did, or will she hate him for betraying her as everyone else in her life has?

YES! Michelle Hoppe shines with her first novel from Changeling Press. Forever Caspia is an amazing whimsical tale of a fight for true love which is won by overcoming some of the biggest obstacles in its way, lies and betrayal. Michelle Hoppe has created a masterpiece with her quick dialogue and scorchingly erotic sex scenes. Callista may seem like a spoiled princess, which she does start to sound like, but she is definitely a woman who won’t put up with any man’s crap. I certainly hope that Michelle Hoppe writes more about the amazing secondary characters that she has included in this story.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Angel.

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