by Katie MacAlister

November 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21639-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Tara Stewart informs her mother, a financial analyst, that she works too much and then begs her to take a break and try out a new virtual reality game called Buckling Swashes. Amy has no desire to play the game but after her daughter informs her she can use spreadsheets in the game, she breaks down and agrees to give it a try. Amy logs into the game just as a lightening strike sends a power surge into the house and the next thing she knows, sheís waking up in a completely different world.

Amy knows itís only a game, but everything is so realistic. Before long she finds herself fencing against Captain Black Corbin. Heís the creator of Buckling Swashes and immediately recognizes her as a player, not one of the characters created for the game.

Before long they realize they cannot leave the game. Corbin figures out a former employee, someone who helped program the game, has somehow changed the codes, thus preventing them from being able to leave. Though Amy knows the characters arenít real, she canít help doing everything she can to protect them as war is proclaimed on land and at sea.

Amy and Corbin finds themselves strongly attracted to each other, but will they still feel the same if they can find their way back to the real world?

This author has written a charming story that, while completely fantastical, draws the reader in, causing them to forget itís not possible. Blow Me Down is a contemporary pirate romance which puts a new spin on the classic swashbuckler romance, made even better with MacAlisterís trademark sense of humor

Reviewed in October 2005 by Jackie.

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