by Tina Gerow

May 2005
ISBN: 1-932866-85-X
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Cassidy doesnít know when she rejects her dateís advances that he is a psychic killer. Zach is a psychic profiler for the FBI and is assigned to protect Cassidy. When their minds touch he realizes she has a strong psychic power she has yet to understand.

Cassidy is instantly attracted to Zach and the feeling is returned but Zach fights shy of commitment.

I was very interested in the way the author delved into the subject of the psychic and the paranormal. She made it very plausible. Even if you are a total skeptic on this subject you will still find the story a good read as it is quite erotic at times in the way the author works the psychic fantasies between Cassidy and Zach and how chilling the similar fantasies of the killer can be. His attacks through the mind are very scary.

The hero and heroine are very believable in this story and the storyline is made very realistic by the author through her description and the tension and pace of the book. It is a very gripping tale and there is plenty of passion as well.

Readers could easily dismiss this as not their kind of book because they donít like paranormals, but it is much more a romantic suspense and readers of this genre will enjoy this novel.

The concept of a killer stalking the mind and being able to kill this way is truly chilling. The author makes it very believable.

I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it. The characters are well thought out and the research that Tina Gerow did to make this book believable definitely paid off.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Mary.

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