by Lani Diane Rich

June 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61578-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Six years later and a wedding didn’t happen, and Dana Wiley still can’t forget about her ex-fiancé Nick Maybe. Leaving him at the altar was the worst thing she’d ever done, but she couldn’t run the risk that her marriage would end as poorly as her parents. When Dana’s mother is kidnapped and Nick is the only person who can help, Dana is given the opportunity to set things right between the two of them. Will she take a chance on happiness or will she say goodbye a second time?

Lani Diane Rich’s Maybe Baby is a wild, comedic romance that will appeal to all readers who are just plain sick of the ordinary. The characters are quirky yet still uniquely engaging, and their life stories are a thrill a minute. For all those who love memorable characters, this novel includes a runaway bride who is much more exciting than Jennifer Wilbanks, an eccentric mother who has no problem breaking laws to raise money for charities, her should have been son-in-law who manages to get talked into all of her schemes, the evil siren who seems to have no purpose in life other than perfecting her ability to be evil, kidnappers who wouldn’t last five minutes on Law and Order, and of course, the exotic bird worth more than this reviewer’s house.

Unfortunately, the romance seems to take a back seat to all the criminal shenanigans, and Dana and Nick’s relationship comes across as one dimensional and at times, perhaps even implausible. Still as mentioned before, the cast of this zany story is unforgettable, and at the reading of the last word, most readers will still feel smiles covering their faces.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Natasha.

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