by Karen Kendall

August 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21610-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Vivian canít believe that her best friend is getting married. She doesnít particular like marriages as she is a divorce attorney in Manhattan and has seen the ugly, sometimes brutal side of divorce. She is also having a few problems at work, namely her boss she canít stand him. So when Sydney calls begging her to come to Texas and even makes the arrangements for her, she knows she canít say no. So off she goes to Texas to try to get Julia to sign a pre-nup.

Vivian is a little spoiled as she normally stays at five star hotels. Needless to say, she is not too happy to be staying at Marvís. Oh, she canít drive either; she never needed to know while living in Manhattan. Vivian is just hoping she doesnít run into JB while she is there for the brief visit as she had a run in with him a few years ago, when he was handling Kikiís divorce and she was the attorney for Kikiís husband. Letís just say one thing lead to another and then a hotel room, which eventually lead Vivian to kick JB out of.

The bad blood between the two of them starts off right away when JB sees Vivian again. The verbal sparring is something else and they both hold their own against each other. The attraction and feelings is definitely still there but they donít want anything to do with them. The hurt from the first go around three years ago is still there, even though we know why Vivian kicked him out of the room, JB doesnít.

Vivian is really not the cold-hearted bitch that she represents to the world. She is actually very caring. She does quite a bit of charity work that goes from greyhounds to a womanís shelter. Now JB on the other hand doesnít quite have his priorities straight, oh he thinks he does, but he doesnít. Will he be able to get them straightened out before it is too late?

Vivian and JB are forced together several times because of Julia. She talks JB into doing some things for the wedding with the help of Vivian along for the ride. This put them in some crazy predicaments that will have you smiling or laughing out loud at some of things they do.

First Dance is the last story about a bridesmaid for Julia and Romanís wedding that is getting closer and closer. All of them have found love when they least expected it. It does take someone very special for each of these special headstrong women. I highly enjoyed First Dance. The characters even when sparring were attracted to each other, the secondary characters gave them a little push in the right direction, even if they, Vivian and JB, didnít know it. They both had fears and beliefs they had to deal with in order to move forward. Iím looking forward to reading the last book in The Bridesmaidís Chronicles; it is First Love and is about Julia and her upcoming wedding.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pam.

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