by Megan Hart, Caitlyn Willows, Isabella Jordan, Denyse M. Bridger, Lyndi Lamont

May 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-370-3
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AmberPax Shiver M’ Timbers is a collection of short stories written around pirates. If you like your stories short and hot, you need to read this satisfying book!

Emerald Isle is a continuation of the adventures of Robin and Eleanor (Nora) introduced in Pot of Gold. Robin has decided to go after the magical Fae emerald that the Pirate Queen stole from them but Eleanor wants to go with him. They argue and Robin storms off. Megan Hart writes a hot wild adventure that’s sure to please!

Emma Scott has sworn to see every pirate hanged and she does what she can to see her vow fulfilled. She reinvents herself as The Rose and does what she can. Jason Jennings is a privateer sailing his ship toward home when he comes across a woman, supposedly unconscious, in a dinghy. He assumes that he has the infamous Rose and immediately takes precautions. What he doesn’t know is that he will eventually be Her Bounty. Caitlyn Willows gives us a hot, lusty little story that is sure to warm your heart.

Richard Flannigan is taking his younger brother and leaving home but first there is someone he needs to see ….. Maren, the only person around who cares about what happens to him. As a token, Richard gives Maren his most precious procession - his late mother's necklace. Fifteen years later, Maren Milland is on the run from her abusive husband. Her father’s merchant ship has been attacked by pirates and the pirates, not knowing that Maren is the wife of the one man all pirates despise above all else, take Maren back to their island hideaway! There she is introduced to Black Robert Flynn, a most feared pirate indeed, but one that has a secret!! Black Robert sees that Maren is put in his “care” but just how safe does that make her? Should Maren listen to her heart or to The Legend of Black Robert Flynn? Isabella Jordan has written a story will tug at your heartstrings!

Pirate captain Jack Stanton has to head back to the island of Tortuga to repair his ship that he recently took repossession of. Lady Katheryn Hollinsworth is on her way to Tortuga with her father, the new Deputy Governor. Several days after Jack arrives, he breaks up a “misunderstanding” between a young lady dressed as a buccaneer and a drunken sailor. By the time Jack discovers the name of “his” buccaneer, he has to leave to track down an enemy of his. Little does he know that his enemy has since taken a hostage….Jack’s lady buccaneer!! Katheryn has convinced her father to let her take a small house close to his house and she calls it The Phantom’s Lair. Will Jack be caught by his lady or will Katheryn lose everything? Jack is a yummy hero and Katheryn is my type of heroine – feisty and not afraid to go after what she wants! Denise M. Bridges has written a very enjoyable read!

Eliza Honeyfield, an orphan, is on a ship heading to Jamaica with her aunt, uncle and cousin. Their ship is about to be boarded by pirates. One of the pirates, Lt. Morgan Price, is a man straight out of Eliza’s dreams. Eliza knows she should be frightened …. but she’s not. Morgan is the quartermaster on a pirate ship and they’ve stopped this ship – not to rob – but to ask for food. Eliza catches his eye … and the tension starts. Lyndi Lamont does a great job with Prepare To Be Boarded. I loved Eliza and Morgan is such a romantic hunk, I had to cheer for Eliza after everything she’d been through!

Reviewed in November 2005 by PamL.