by Pamela Downs

May 2005
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Out of desperation Bianca, a young woman who has dramatically changed her ways with Reverend Bobby McNaughton's help returns to her hometown. Her bad girl image is a mere murmur of the past.

Bianca has come back to town in search of the very popular Reverend. Due to his popularity, she cannot get near him so she comes across his errant son, the tattooed, wild-child young man, Desiderio. She enlists him in her cause to reveal some truths. She finds she has to decide how far is she going to take this game with Desi, is she really willing to sell her soul for her answers? For how long and how far will she play the fawning "groupie” as scornfully expressed by Desi. To her surprise, Desi is adamant when it comes to sex without commitment?

Pamela Dows’ Son of a Preacher Man is a novella-length erotic book from Venus Press. There are no preachy or overly moralistic views in this story. The sexual encounters between Bianca and Desi sprung onto us seems to be the driving force of the plot.

Pamela Downs's erotic romance, Son of a Preacher Man, will meet the needs of her readership. Those readers that crave shorter, hot but not too explicit erotic fiction will find those qualities in this story.

I wished more information had been supplied as to Bianca’s past situation. And why did Desi feel so strongly about sex without commitment. Why did the Reverend help Bianca out before and now she couldn’t get near him? Son of a Preacher Man had all the qualities to be a great book, but left me with too many questions.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Noemi.

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