by Linda Broday

June 2005
ISBN: 0-8439-5565-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

East Texas, 1869

Laurel James thought she had left her sordid past behind the night she fled the St. Louis brothel with the help of her best friend Olivia “Ollie” Applejack b’Dam. Together they made their way to east Texas and settled in the sleepy bayou town of Redemption because the name fit with the turn Laurel wanted for her life. Starting their own café and becoming upstanding members of the community were finally coming to pass when Laurel became engaged to Redemption’s mayor, Murphy Yates, who was also the town banker. Yes, things were going good, that was until Laurel met her fiancé’s long lost brother, Brodie Yates.

A man from Laurel’s checkered past; she had known Brodie Yates only as the Rebel spy Shenandoah. He was the one among many that had stood out in those dark years in St. Louis. Shenandoah had promised he would return for Laurel and free her from her life as a soiled dove. When the days turned to months then years with no word of her missing love, Laurel had thought her brave Reb had died at the hands of the Yanks. However, here he was, alive and well, Murphy’s brother of all things! Brodie was dredging up all kinds of feelings in Laurel that she thought had perished when she had fled St. Louis. Vowing to tell Murphy the truth about Laurel unless she breaks off with him, Brodie has the power to destroy all that Laurel has fought so hard to obtain. Realizing it isn’t so much his wanting to spare his brother’s feelings about his intended, but more to the point that Brodie still desires Laurel for himself!

National Readers’ Choice Award winner Linda Broday has penned another western romance to lift your heart and keep you turning the pages with Redemption. Two people torn apart by the ravages of the Civil War and the horrors it brought for both of them, Laurel and Brodie have many obstacles to overcome to be together as they truly want. The primary one being Murphy, Brodie’s unsuspecting brother and Laurel’s devoted fiancé. An interesting blend of secondary characters woven into the story, especially the sassy Ollie, gives Redemption the color and texture of a fulfilling romantic read!

Reviewed in June 2005 by Bonnie.

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