by Lora Leigh

May 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0208-3
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Dearn is the king of the Winged Clans, a race of beings whose nobility and love of life often out weighs their pride and honor. Born into the fiercely protective Eagle Clan, Dearn’s heritage is steeped in warrior training and the patient determination needed to mold him into a worthy king. When old enemies, the evil Vulture Breed, resurface and begin their horrific campaign to decimate the Clans and steal their land, Dearn prepares his warriors and his people for war.

Dearn soon learns that he has a surprising ally in this fight. Matte is the general of a clan that should not exist. Long ago her people were sentenced to die along with the vile Vultures on a remote island far from the aeries of the Winged Clans, far from what should have been their home. Her blood and that of her people, the Bastard Breeds, is tainted by the reviled Vultures. To save her people Matte made a deal with the most evil of the Vultures, her half-brother Edgar, for safe passage to the land of the Winged Clans, but she will die before she lets Edgar carry out his malevolent plan to eradicate the Clans from the skies.

Together Matte and Dearn will fight for their people’s very existence and forge an unbreakable union against evil.

The long awaited re-release of Lora Leigh’s Broken Wings is here. Revised and expanded, this fantasy romance is not as erotic as her other novels. The sensuality we have come to expect from Lora is still apparent, but the romance is what drives this story. And thank goodness for romance! The strong, compelling characters in this tale will have you cheering them on and breathlessly awaiting the ending. Join Matte and Dearn as they battle for survival.


Reviewed in June 2005 by Cynthia.

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