by Becky Barker

May 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0255-5
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Carlie is the youngest of the triplets who’s feeling a bit lonesome after Sharla gets married and Dee renews her vows and they both depart for their honeymoons. She’s the only one left and after her disastrous marriage years earlier, it looks like she may stay that way! Imagine her surprise when she discovers that her parents invited Michael to spend the night at the estate. Michael Preston is the younger brother of Carlie’s abusive ex-husband. Carlie and Michael were friends for a long time before he introduced her to his older brother, but he lost her when she married Bill. Will he be able to get her back? They get re-acquainted the night of the wedding and Carlie puts it down to a one-night-stand that she doesn’t intend to repeat but Michael has other plans.

Loving Carlie: Prescott’s Pilots by Becky Barker is the last story in this terrific trilogy. Carlie and Michael are both great characters even if Carlie has some emotional damage and some self-esteem problems due to her stormy marriage to Bill. Michael is going to try and turn that around, just by Loving Carlie. I enjoyed this book, and the trilogy, very much! Consider it a late Christmas present but get this trilogy and read it!!

Reviewed in December 2005 by PamL.

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